MacBooster 8: Powerful & High Performance Cleaner App for macOS

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When it comes to talking about Mac cleaning and optimization, you will think of CleanMyMac first. However, unless you subscribe to the monthly plan of Setapp to use CleanMyMac for free, it is a little expensive to buy it alone.

But besides CleanMyMac, there are many cost-effective and useful utility tools on macOS, such as MacBooster 8. It is priced at about a quarter of CleanMyMac, but its functions are on par with CleanMyMac’s. It has complete functions of maintenance/optimization/cleaning for macOS, and it can also keep your Mac running at its best.

MacBooster 8 – High Cost-effective Mac Cleaner Tool

Because CleanMyMac is popular with Mac users, the price of CleanMyMac seems to be getting higher and higher. If you are not a Setapp subscriber, it would be uneconomical to clean up junk files on your Mac once or twice a month if you buy CleanMyMac on its official website. In this case, MacBooster 8 will be more suitable! Most importantly, it is cheaper and more cost-effective.

MacBooster possesses almost all the cleaning functions as an “excellent” Mac cleaner tool, ranging from simple one-click performance optimization to deep system junk cleaning, optimizing the Login Items, killing the virus and malware, searching for duplicate files on Mac, completely removing apps on Mac, etc. Not only it is fully functional and powerful, but the MacBooster interface is also very simple and clear. So it is easy to use and everyone can easily try it.

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1. Uninstall Applications on Mac Completely

macbooster uninstall apps

Most of the time, After people drag the apps to the Trash, they may think those apps are deleted. In fact, this cannot completely uninstall the apps, because there are still a lot of files left in the macOS system. As days go by, this garbage may occupy your Mac’s precious hard disk storage space.

Before uninstalling apps, Mac will automatically scan in-depth to help you find out the setting files, support files, caches, or other associated files of the apps, so that you can choose what files should be cleared when removing the apps.

2. Improve macOS Performance

macbooster turbo boost

In terms of system performance optimization, MacBooster provides Turbo Boost and MacBooster Mini functions. Turbo Boost can automatically improve the performance of Macs and solve the problems of various abnormal permissions on the hard disk. And MacBooster Mini allows you to view the network speed and memory usage at any time in the menu bar and prompts you to remove junk files, residual documents, and so on, which is convenient.

macbooster clear junks
With MacBooster, you can quickly solve all of Mac’s issues:

  • Clean Junks up: up to 20 types of garbage files can be cleaned up.
  • Free up Memory: improve the system performance by releasing multi-occupied memory space.
  • Search for Duplicate Files: quickly find all duplicate files/photos/videos and more on the hard disk and provide cleaning suggestions.
  • Protect Your Privacy: search for the browser/app usage history on Mac and provide a one-click deletion function.
  • Uninstall Applications: automatically find all kinds of the cache/associated applications files, and remove the unwanted applications on Mac completely.


Basically, MacBooster can complete all sorts of cleaning and optimization tasks for your Mac with a few clicks. Both the master and the newer Mac can do it easily and keep your Mac in good condition all the time. And MacBooster is cheaper than CleanMyMac. If you haven’t subscribed to Setapp, MacBooster is the more cost-effective Mac cleaner tool for your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, etc.

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