Best Apps to Manage Bluetooth Devices on Mac

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Apple slashed the 3.5mm audio headphone jack on the iPhone XS Max/XS/X/XR/11/12/13/14/14 Pro/14 Pro Max forcing the traditional headphone brand to leap forward to the Bluetooth adapter. In fact, the advantage of this is not only that the headset is “wireless”, but also that many Bluetooth management tools on the Mac ushered in the spring.

In our work, our Mac will be connected with a Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse. Now it also will be connected with AirPods, BeatsX, Bose QuietComfort 35, and other Bluetooth devices. How can we switch and manage these Bluetooth devices efficiently? You can try the following tools.

Best Mac Apps to Switch Bluetooth Connections

System menu bar tool – free app & no need to install

mac bluetooth menubar

In “System Preferences – Bluetooth” in macOS, you can check the “Show Bluetooth in the Menu Bar” option, and view all Bluetooth adapters in the menu bar on the upper right corner of the screen.

As a native Bluetooth tool of the system, the Bluetooth adapters that Mac has connected to are shown in the form of a list. In the system menu bar, you can manage the Bluetooth devices and switch the Bluetooth headset. However, this method can only be operated by clicking with the cursor, and you need to move the mouse to expand multiple menus to achieve the purpose, which is not efficient.

You May Need: Powerful Menu Bar Manager App on Mac – Bartender 3

Perculia – free app & enhanced version of the system Bluetooth tool

perculia app menubar

Perculia is a new product of Light screen, which is an enhanced version of the Bluetooth tool of the system.

Perculia is located in the menu bar of the system. Click the icon in the menu bar to connect Bluetooth devices with one click, which is more convenient than the native tool. For AirPods and other devices, the Battery power percentage can be directly displayed in the menu bar. Similarly, when the battery power of the Bluetooth device is low, you can receive a low battery notification.

With Perculia, you can add a special icon for each Bluetooth device in the menu bar according to your needs. After you set a headphone/keyboard/mouse icon, you can connect your Mac to them with just one click.

ToothFariy – an expert in shortcut operations & supports menu bar multi-icons


ToothFariy is a very popular Bluetooth management tool, which basically integrates all the advantages of the above applications as well as offers new functions.

Free Try ToothFairy

  • In the menu bar, each application has its own icon which supports the specific icon of AirPods, PowerBeats Pro, HomePod, Touchpad, and other devices.
  • Connect or disconnect the Bluetooth device by clicking the menu bar icon.
  • Each device can be set with a dedicated shortcut key, which is the favorite of users who pursue an efficient operation.
  • Configure the device for advanced settings such as the audio output settings.

If you have subscribed to Setapp, you can download Setapp and use it directly in Setapp.

Juice – beautiful interface & supports shortcut keys and Touch Bar

juice devices

The biggest feature of Juice is that it has a visual interface of a macOS native application design style with a nice appearance and dark mode support. Of course, it is not only good-looking, but also easy to use, and almost all touch control methods can be supported, including shortcut keys, the notification center, and Touch Bar.

Juice uses the design style of the “Home” Application in the iOS system for reference. All Bluetooth devices are small cards with unique icons and text. You can click it to initiate a Bluetooth connection.

Juice supports the system’s global shortcut keys, which can be used to wake up the main window of the Juice application. For each Bluetooth device, we can also set its own shortcut key. Right-click on the corresponding Bluetooth device and select the “More Info” option to set the shortcut key for the Bluetooth device. Here we can also view the detailed hardware and information of the Bluetooth device.

The notification center and Touch Bar both have the style of Juice. The upper (Menu Bar) right (Notification Center) and lower (Touch Bar and Keyboard), three areas of the Mac screen are penetrated by Juice.

juice touchbar


Compared with the above applications, we can find that they have their own advantages and disadvantages. How should we choose? With high beauty and versatility, Juice is the one you should use. If you are a Setapp subscriber, you can choose ToothFariy. If you want to use the free app, you can try Perculia. Finally, the menu bar tool of the Bluetooth system also has its own advantage.

Free Try ToothFairy

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