How to Uninstall Safari from Mac Completely

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All Apple products, such as Apple Mac, iPhone, and iPad, have a built-in browser, which is “Safari”. Although Safari is an awesome browser, some users will still prefer to use their favorite browsers. So they want to uninstall this default browser and then download the other browser. But is it even possible to completely delete or uninstall Safari from Mac?

Well, of course, it is possible to delete/uninstall the Safari browser on Mac but it is not an easy task to do that. Also, there is a risk of disturbing the macOS if you take some wrong steps. You must be wondering about the right way to uninstall and delete Safari from your Mac.

This article provides you with a step-by-step guide to explain the process of how to uninstall the Safari application from Mac completely. In case, if you change your mind in the future and you want to re-install Safari on Mac, you can get a quick way to reinstall Safari on Mac.

Reasons to Uninstall Safari on Mac

People who are used to other web browsers may find it difficult to use Safari. When you don’t want to use a certain application, why keep them on Mac to take up space? Obviously, you should delete it.

Many people have a misconception about Apple applications that they can simply delete the applications like Safari from their Mac by dragging them into the trash. But that’s not the case with the Apple applications. Whenever you delete or move a pre-installed apple application to the trash, you may think that it is done and the application won’t bother you again.

But it is not the truth. In fact, deleting an Apple application is not even an easy thing. When you delete the app or in other words when you send the app to the trash bin, it will restore to the home screen once you restart your Mac.

It is therefore important to properly uninstall Safari or any other pre-installed application from Mac. Otherwise, it will keep coming back and you will feel annoyed. Let’s take a look at the steps to uninstall Safari and remove it from Mac completely.

How to Uninstall Safari on Mac in One-click

In order to uninstall Safari completely and safely, you can use MacDeed Mac Cleaner, which is a powerful Mac utility tool to optimize your Mac and make your Mac fast. It is well compatible with MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini.

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Step 1. Download and install Mac Cleaner.

Step 2. Launch Mac Cleaner, and then select “Preferences” on the top menu.

Step 3. After popping a new window, click on “Ignore list” and select “Uninstaller“.

Step 4. Uncheck “Ignore system applications“, and close the window.

Step 5. Go back to Mac Cleaner, and choose “Uninstaller“.

Step 6. Find Safari and then remove it completely.

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How to Uninstall Safari on Mac Manually

You can uninstall and remove the Safari browser either by using the Terminal or you can do it manually. Using Mac Terminal for removing Safari will work for you but it is not an easy way. It is a complicated method and rather a long process. And there is a chance you may do something that can harm the macOS.

On the other hand, uninstalling Safari manually is more easy and simple. There are hardly more than 3 steps to completely remove Safari from MacBook. So if you want to remove Safari with a quick solution, try this method and process.

Here is how you can uninstall and remove the Safari app from your Mac. It just takes a few steps to do:

  1. Go to the “Application” folder on your Mac.
  2. Click, drag and drop the Safari icon into the trash bin.
  3. Go to “Trash ” and empty the Trash bins.

This is how you can remove Safari from your Mac, but this method is not a guaranteed method. As we discussed earlier, drag & drop pre-installed Apple applications can pop up again on the home screen. Even if Safari does not show up again on the home screen, it does not mean that your device is free from its files & plug-ins.

Yes, even when you have deleted Safari, its plug-ins and all the data files stay on Mac and take up a lot of space. So it is not an effective way to remove Safari from Mac.

How to Reinstall Safari on Mac

Other web browsers like Google Chrome or Opera may use an extra battery of your Mac. When you uninstall Safari, it can also cause some little trouble to macOS. In order to solve these problems, you need to restore or reinstall the Safari application on your Mac. Here is a quick guide for re-installing Safari on Mac.

You can download the Safari application from Apple Developer Program. It is very simple and easy to download the application from there. When you open the Apple Developer program, you will have the option to download the Safari application over there. Click that option and it will start downloading the Safari application on your Mac OS X.


Everyone has their own reasons not to use Safari on Mac. The most obvious reason is that they feel more comfortable using other web browsers and do not want to switch. Also, it is understandable that when you are not using an application it is only using the extra space of your device. Therefore, you may want to delete it to free up space.

It is also said that pre-installed applications like Safari cannot be modified or uninstalled. But there is a certain way to delete the application from Mac. If you are still okay with the disturbance that the uninstallation of Safari will cause, you can try the Apple Mac Terminal or download MacDeed Mac Cleaner to completely remove Safari. Or you can just ignore the uninstallation and continue your browsing either on or with the Safari browser. After all, it is not that difficult to get used to Safari. Plus, Safari is super easy to use and has the same features as the other browsers.

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