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Nowadays, more and more people are using macOS. And you will find that there are more excellent apps on macOS than on Windows, but most of them are paid apps. So if you want your Mac to be able to cover all aspects of your work and life, you have to pay a lot to buy those apps. Now, there is a new “ultimate” money-saving alternative: Setapp – Mac apps subscription service.

In the past, whenever we needed a new app for Mac, we had to pay for it. Although many apps are charged a one-time fee, once it launches the update of a larger version, you will eventually have to pay again to upgrade to the latest version. As you have more and more applications, the cumulative cost of purchasing these Mac apps actually becomes very large!

Setapp completely breaks the traditional role of the Mac paid apps, and provides users with app authorization with a new “subscription service”. With the low fee for a month (an annual billing of $8.99 per month) to subscribe, you can use all paid apps in Setapp without limit and keep it updated. You will never regret trying Setapp!

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Provide A large Number of Excellent Mac Applications

Setapp contains a large number of high-quality and practical macOS paid apps, including CleanMyMac X, Ulysses, PDFpen, iStat Menus, BetterZip, Gemini, Bartender, XMind, Swift Publisher, Disk Drill, Photolemur, 2Do, Get Backup Pro, iThoughtsX, Downie, Folx, Cloud Outliner, Pagico, Archiver, Paw, etc. Some of these apps need you to subscribe and are expensive (for example, Ulysses costs $4.99 per month, and CleanMyMac X costs $2.91 per month and $89.95 for a lifetime on one Mac), and some apps are as well as expensive for a one-time purchase. In addition, a new version of an app will come out one or two years after purchasing it. And in fact, it costs more to buy apps than to subscribe to Setapp.

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All Apps on Setapp

The apps list included in Setapp is as follows. It provides several categories, such as Maintenance, Lifestyle, Productivity, Task Management, Developer Tools, Writing & Blogging, Education, Mac Hacks, Creativity, and Personal Finance.

CleanMyMac X, Gemini, Wallpaper Wizard, Pagico, Marked, XMind, Archiver, Renamer, Findings, Sip, PDF Squeezer, Rocket Typist, Yummy FTP Pro, Yummy FTP Watcher, WiFi Explorer, Elmedia Player, Folx, PhotoBulk, CloudMounter, Base, iThoughtsX, Chronicle, Image2icon, Capto, Boom 3D, Manuscripts, Timing, Simon, RapidWeaver, Squash, Remote Mouse, Hype, TaskPaper, Be Focused, Cloud Outliner, HazeOver, Gifox, Numi, Focused, CodeRunner, Aeon Timeline, GoodTask, iStat Menus, Jump Desktop, MoneyWiz, Get Backup Pro, Swift Publisher, Disk Drill, Screens, Paste, Permute, Downie, ChronoSync Express, Home Inventory, iFlicks, SQLPro Studio, SQLPro for SQLite, Studies, Shimo, Lacona, Forecast Bar, InstaCal, Flume, ChatMate for WhatsApp, NetSpot, Expressions, Workspaces, TeaCode, BetterZip, TripMode, World Clock Pro, Mosaic, Spotless, Merlin Project Express, Mate Translate, n-Track Studio, Unclutter, News Explorer, Movie Explorer Pro, Dropshare, Noizio, Unibox, WaitingList, Paw, Tayasui Sketches, Declutter, ForkLift, IconJar, Photolemur, 2Do, PDF Search, Wokabulary, Lungo, Flawless, Focus, Switchem, NotePlan, Periodic Table Chemistry, MacGourmet Deluxe, TextSoap, Ulysses, KeyKey Typing Tutor,Inboard, Secrets, Bartender, IM+, TablePlus, TouchRetouch, BetterTouchTool, Aquarelo, CameraBag Pro, Prizmo, BusyCal, Canary Mail, uBar, Endurance, DCommander, Emulsion, GigEconomy, Cappuccino, Strike, Folio, Moonitor, Typeface, Espresso, Dropzone, GlueMotion, MarginNote, PDFpen, Taskheat, MathKey, MacPilot, ProWritingAid, MindNode, ToothFairy, CleanShot, AnyTrans for iOS, AnyTrans for Android, iMeetingX, Core Shell, SheetPlanner, FotoMagico Pro, Yoink, Unite, Luminar Flex, MarsEdit, Goldie App, Proxyman, Diarly, Movist Pro, Receipts, Silenz, One Switch, and PocketCAS.


Students and teachers who use .edu or other education mailboxes to enroll will get a 50% discount ($4.99 per month). Moreover, now you can subscribe to the “Family Plan” for $19.99. You can add up to five people as members (six people including yourself). If you use this family package, every member will only need to pay for less than $2.5 per month. The cost-effectiveness is super high.


So if you find most apps that you need or you want to buy for your Mac in Setapp, you should consider the Setapp subscription seriously. Meanwhile, the important thing is that after you subscribe to Setapp, it also allows you to use the latest version at any time and keep the apps updated.

After the subscription, you can get the full right to use of all the applications in the Setapp. As Setapp adds more new apps to the member list, you can enjoy the new apps at no extra cost continuously. This is also a great advantage for people who like to figure out, test, and compare apps on Mac.

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