MacBook Pro Overheating? How to Fix

macbook overheating

You might have seen that MacBooks and even other computers as well become warm when they are used for several hours continuously. It is a common scenario, but when the system starts overheating, it is important to take some steps for diagnosis.
When your MacBook is getting too hot that it is even difficult to put the finger on the system, the issue must be solved as soon as possible. This condition is risky for the overall well-being of the machine. In case if the fan is also making too much noise, it can crush the entire mechanism inside. In some cases, it can cause loss of all the unsaved data on which you are working, or the worst case is the loss of entire stored data on the system. In order to solve this problem, first, it is important to find the causes behind overheating so that they can be fixed in time. This article can help you to understand lots of important things about overheating issues on MacBook and the best methods to fix it.

Why Is My MacBook Pro Overheating?

As Mac is popular by MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac, there are so many reasons behind MacBook overheating, which are listed below:

Mac Is Attacked by Malware & Spyware

The chances are that your macOS is affected by malware and spyware. Although Apple macOS and iOS are known for advanced layers of security and protection, you cannot consider them perfect. There are a variety of apps and scam software that can cause major harm to the MacBook. Although they are few in numbers, if attacked, they can lead to overheating issues to your MacBook.

Runaway Apps

Runaway apps are also named as third-party apps, and they often take up more resources on MacBook like storage, RAM and CPU. It simply leads to extreme usage of CPU power and ultimately starts overheating the entire system.

Softer Surfaces

One of the most common reasons causes behind the overheating problem is using Mac systems on softer surfaces. If you are the one who uses the MacBook on the bed or pillow, the fact is that softer surfaces block the air circulation and at the same time fabrics can absorb more heat around while making your MacBook hotter and hotter.

Dirt and Dust

When dirt and dust find its way to the fan of MacBook, it starts to interrupt the normal operation. As a result, the system gets hotter. It is important to understand that the MacBook needs all the vents to be perfectly clean so that air can be circulated without any restriction. In MacBook, these vents are located above the keyboard, right below the display. Make sure to use your Mac at clean areas with added protection so that vents do not affect by dirt and dust.

Flash Ads on Websites

As you visit some popular websites with multi-media or flash ads, you may find that the MacBook fan working harder instantly. Although these websites have great content, they contain many flash ads and videos that follow auto-play settings. They are one of the prime causes behind system overloading and ultimately leads to overheating.

SMC Related Issues

SMC in MacBook stands for System Management Controller, and this chip on the Mac is responsible for managing several hardware units including cooling fans as well. Experts reveal that SMC reset can help to solve many hardware related issues and this method is simple to execute as well.

Fan Control Apps

Some people make a mistake of using additional fan control software on their MacBook, and it ultimately causes an overheating problem. Note that App systems are designed using advanced technologies and they know how to adjust fan speed as per the performance requirement. But, if you try using manual monitoring, it can cause huge damage to the entire system.

Fake MacBook Charger

The original MacBook charger has three main parts: MagSafe Connector, MagSafe Power Adapter, and AC Power Cord. Experts advise users to use the original charger to ensure proper system performance. In case if you have purchased the charger separately from the internet, it can be a common cause behind the overheating problem.

How to Stop MacBook from Overheating?

Overheating issue cannot be ignored so long; it must be addressed as soon as possible by following some trusted methods. Beginners often find it difficult to solve the trouble on time; don’t worry! The methods explained below can help you better to ease the overheating problem on time:

Method 1: Check The Fan of Your MacBook

One of the most common signs of overheating in the MacBook is the noise produced by its fan. When your system is suffering from some trouble, the fan starts rotating at its peak speed. Note that when you are using your Mac, the fan is always on, but you may not observe any sound. When the system starts overheating, the fan will try to work harder, and it makes more noise. In some cases, it may happen due to dust and dirt in the machine vents. One of the best recommendations for such situations is to clean the vents or call professionals to replace the fan.

Method 2: Get Help from Activity Monitor

When your Mac system is in trouble due to Runaway apps, that may drain much of the memory, CPU power, RAM and other resources as well. In such cases, the overall speed of the Mac systems reduces, and the machine starts overheating. In order to stop it, open the Activity Monitor and check CPU performance. You can open it by going to the Applications, move to Utility and then choose Activity Monitor. Further, click on the CPU column and look for apps that are consuming more than 80% power. They are the main cause of overheating. Simply double click them and quit. It will reflect an instant improvement in the system performance and your system will immediately start cooling down.

Method 3: Use Mac Cleaner to Optimize

If it is still overheating of your Mac, another method, which is the easiest and simplest method, to deal with the overheating issues is getting help from the best Mac utility – Mac Cleaner. With Mac Cleaner, You can free up disk space on Mac by clearing junk files/cookies/caches, reindexing Spotlight, removing malware & spyware on Mac and flushing DNS cache to bring your Mac system to optimum performance. And Mac Cleaner even generates smart health alerts for the Mac system so that you can stay notified about MacBook performance.

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Other Tips to Prevent Mac from Running Hot

Below we have highlighted useful tips to prevent Mac from running hot:

  • Never ever use MacBook on soft surfaces like fabric, bed, pillow or on your lap. Instead, it is always good to place MacBook on hard surfaces like desks made up of glass or wooden material. It can help to improve the overall health of the Mac.
  • Spare some time to check vents of your MacBook; they must be cleaned from time to time. Keep your Mac at clean surfaces so that dirt and dust do not find its way inside. Whenever possible, open the hard case and carefully clean the heatsinks and fans.
  • It is better to use a cooling pad to your MacBook that can help to eliminate unwanted heat. These pads are designed with built-in fans, simply place them below the MacBook, and they will ensure proper heat circulation around to keep the machine cool.
  • You can elevate the MacBook using a laptop stand for better usage. Note that, the rubber feet below the system are very thin, and they cannot manage enough space to eliminate generated heat. The elevated placement can ensure proper escape for the heat so that the system can work with higher efficiency.
  • Prefer to open limited apps at a time, especially those which consume additional CPU resources. Meanwhile, it is necessary to close apps and websites you don’t need.
  • Experts recommend downloading software and apps only from the trusted sources or the Mac App Store only. It is important because most of the third-party apps come with malware and can cause huge harm to the system instantly. If some malware attacked your Mac system, take immediate steps to remove malware on Mac to protect your MacBook.


MacBook overheating is a common problem, but it should not be ignored so long. All users are advised to keep track of CPU performance and resource allocation for different apps and be careful about the heating issue. Prefer to place your system on hard surfaces so that proper air can circulate through vents all the time.

If the overheating problem is ignored so long, it can cause huge damage to the entire machine, and you may end up losing your important data as well. In case if you are a beginner, it is better to get help from experienced professionals to deal with the overheating issue.
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