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adguard for mac

AdGuard is a new Mac ads remover with an invisible mode. It is an independent advertisement that removes applications with a new UI design and a new assistant. Although it is simple, it is full-featured and more practical. The new CoreLibs filter will filter your advertisement more safely and green. After the download of Adguard for Mac (Ad Remover) is completed, you can install it according to the step-by-step instruction.

AdGuard for Mac is the world’s first independent ads remover specifically designed for macOS. It can intercept all kinds of advertisements, pop-ups, video advertisements, banner advertisements, etc., and eliminate them all. Because of the silent filter and web decoration processing in the background, you will see that the web pages you visited before are much cleaner.

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What Is AdGuard for Mac

adguard for mac

1. Efficient advertising interception

How can we remove advertisements on Mac? AdGuard adblocker is the answer. Pop-ups, video advertisements, banner ads, etc. will all disappear. Because of the obscure background filter and beauty treatment, you will see a clean page that contains what you need.

2. Safe internet surfing

Mac is not vulnerable to malware attacks, but it is totally wrong to ignore possible threats. There are still a lot of phishing and fraudulent sites on the internet. AdGuard for Mac will protect you from these sites.

3. Privacy protection

Because of the special tracking protection filter designed by the AdGuard team, AdGuard can work against all trackers and analysis systems that monitor you. It will target all known online analysis cumulative rules that attempt to steal your private data.

4. Block app internal Ads

There are many other excellent Mac applications that will show you advertisements in the app. By providing the option to filter any application traffic on the Mac, AdGuard allows you to take full advantage to use the apps but blocking the ads.

5. Work Everywhere

Can’t choose your favorite browser when they are full of ads? No problem, AdGuard will stop all these advertisements from Safari, Chrome, and Firefox to the special one.

6. 3-in-1 Adblocker

You don’t need to install any other additional application or browser extension to remove ads from Mac, Mac browsers, and Mac apps.

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Adguard for Mac Features

1. Designed for Mac OS X

Unlike competitors, AdGuard is developed from scratch. It contains a native design and better optimization, as well as it is well compatible with all Mac computers running macOS, such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, Mac Pro, and iMac.

2. Save your time

Video ads are not only annoying, but it actually takes up your time. Get AdGuard to block all video ads so that you can focus on the information you need from a clean web page.

3. No ads on YouTube

It must be annoying to disturb by ads when you are watching YouTube videos. AdGuard helps you get rid of all banner ads, video ads, and pop-up ads on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

4. Cutting-edge ads interception

Advertising is becoming more and more creative when trying to sneak into the web page. AdGuard will try its best to stop it.

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New Updates of AdGuard for Mac

1. Stealth mode

The stealth mode is a special module whose sole purpose is to protect your online privacy. From a humble, Windows-specific feature to the core of almost any AdGuard product in the near future, it has come a long way. This is a logical matter because the value of privacy has been very high, and the need to protect privacy has become very obvious. There are four categories meeting AdGuard for Mac Stealth mode:

  • Routine – The function you can enable without any inconvenience.
  • Tracking method – These functions will prevent websites from tracking you. Keep in mind that if you enable the option in this category, some websites may not run properly or even at all.
  • Browser API – Enable or disable browser API-related options here. Firstly you should read everyone’s description to find a good balance between privacy and convenience.
  • Miscellaneous – As the name suggests, this category contains some mixed options. Hiding your user agent or shielding your IP address is the function you can find there.

If this is the first time you encounter stealth mode, don’t be intimidated by the number of options. The first installation wizard will help you understand what works best for you, and you can always ask questions through comments, support, or social media.

2. New user interface

Continue with AdGuard for Android update analogy, AdGuard for Mac has a new UI design! Ideally, you won’t interact so much with it, but when you do, you would notice the difference between them: another prominent feature is the new assistant (circular icon in the corner of the page). Simple but full-featured, not only about the appearance here, the new assistant has become more practical, and it is ahead of the old version in terms of convenience. For example, it allows you to access Web reports directly from pages to search for any questions associated with filters.

3. CoreLibs

This is the first stable version of AdGuard for Mac that introduced CoreLibs. CoreLibs is a core and new filter engine in the filter process. The impact of this change is both enormous and lasting. Compared with the previous version, CoreLibs has significantly improved the quality and performance of blocking ads. Because CoreLibs is a cross-platform filter engine, in addition to these obvious improvements, it also allows for more new functions that were previously available only in other AdGuard products. It is worth mentioning that after AdGuard for Android, AdGuard for Mac becomes the second product in the AdGuard product line to get the CoreLibs Process.

4. AdGuard Extra

Even with CoreLibs, it may not work in some complex situations using common methods with the filter rules, especially in some cases of the ads blocker evasion/ads replay (advanced anti-blocking technology being used by some websites). Therefore, we propose another solution – a user script called AdGuard Extra.

For unfamiliar users, user scripts are basically mini-program that modify web pages and improve the browsing experience. AdGuard Extra achieves this goal in a way that makes it harder for websites to adopt evasion/re-injection technology. AdGuard for Mac is the first product to achieve this function.

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FAQs of AdGuard for Mac

1. Where is the AdGuard main window?

There is no separate window for AdGuard for Mac. You need to click the AdGuard icon in the menu bar above. All settings and statistics can be found there.

2. Can AdGuard block ads in other applications?

Yes, in all applications and browsers. Many applications have been added to “filtered applications”. If the ads are not removed, go to Preference Settings (Gear Icon) > Network. Then click “Application…” and select the application you want to filter.

3. Can I choose the website element I want to block by myself?

Yes, we do have several tools. In user filters, rules can be added to adjust the filter. There is also a white list that prevents ads from blocking specific websites.

4. The application cannot start automatically.

Click the “System Preference” Setting in the toolbar below. Go to “User Group” > “Login Items”. You need to check whether AdGuard is on the list and if it is enabled. If not, click the “Plus” icon to add AdGuard to the list, and then check it.

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